Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wedding reception Asyraf and Alia

We have attended my 4th cousin wedding reception (mother's side) at Dewan Sri Endon(Puspanita), Putrajaya. 

Congratulations to Asyraf & Alia, wishing all the best in future...always love and be patience ;-)

Our memories during the event,

Not easy to teach the bodyguard!

My father's side invitation

Me and tabb with new vapor member hehehe (my uncle)

Kak Long (right)  my mother niece (grand pa stepfather)

Thank you to all Ismeth's Aunt (sabrina,iman,jasmin,atirah-lately they become shy in front of camera) for took care,  love with patience to handle Ismeth. That why he love all his aunty!

2nd baby coming soon! (my cousin, bridegroom eldest sister) 

my father and my youngest sister

my cousin

the bridegroom youngest sister

the bridegroom mother (my aunt)

my cousin

not clear, i want to tag them at instagram

Asyraf (the bridegroom) is my cousin. 4th cousin wedding mom's side

Wedding gift! everybody love chocolates! ;-)

Video :

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Nurzakiah Hanum said...


HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

jelesnye dapat chocolate....nak jugak....ekekeke....

lily lotus said...

nice dress dear :)

boni kacak said...

wah.. nampak betul2 grand lah wedding tu

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